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In order to examine the power of the mind we can literally set a goal in our head.

It may be a house in this case and then we should channelize all our thoughts to this goal. We must think about it in all forms ways. We may even go to the extent of thinking about the colors that we may use on the walls and the landscape around. Every day you start out with a list of tasks that will bring you closer to your dream of home ownership. You plan it, you think about color schemes and landscaping. Eventually, this will boost your performance at work; it’ll encourage you to save, or to cut back your credit card debt.

And one fine day we will find out that dream house we always wanted is up for sell. The preparations that we have made and all the energies that we gave will now be put to good use. Thus we confirm the deal of buying the house and thus our goal becomes a reality. In a nutshell our mind is really a powerhouse that has no bound to impossible things it can do. We should not thus have any doubts to the capabilities of the human mind.

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The world was struck by the concept of the power of the mind after the book named The Secret and the movie named on the same reached the market. The people became aware of the Laws of Attraction and its utility in our lives. The Laws of Attraction showed that the thoughts of an individual is very important since the thoughts only attract the things that we desire for and those which will make our lives better in the long run. Whatever you think about in your attitudes will manifest itself in your life, and that includes what happens when you aren’t paying attention to your attitude, too. It works whether you want it to or not. In a way, you can see this effect of mind power at work in clinical trials where it is known as the placebo effect. It’s all about mind over matter.

When you think about something; rather, when you believe in something, the power of the mind can make it happen.

Mind Power.. Moving Objects
Affirmations are best suited for inducing behavioral changes on self. Thus, you can resort to this if you are trying to stop a bad habit like that of smoking, drinking or maybe over-eating.

According to scientific studies undertaken, affirmations via written repetitions or spoken reminders facilitate tapping the power of the subconscious mind and thereafter changing ones behaviour. After affirmations, the other common method of developing ones own subconscious mind is through the technique of Post Hypnotic Suggestion. This generally requires the help from a qualified hypnotherapist but self hypnosis is also possible via usage of the various kinds of hypnosis audios that exists in the market nowadays. The third technique use brainwave synchronization technology as a means to develop the power of the subconscious within. Known as Binaural Beats, this involves hearing two different sound wave frequencies through each ear which goes onto the brain to synchronize and create an almost immediate meditative trance.

Having the left and the right hemispheres of the brain synchronized, it thereby makes it possible for the subconscious part to communicate with the conscious part thereof.

Our mind is a powerhouse and the immense power stored inside it is unimaginable. The slogan ‘The mind is a terrible thing to waste’ became popular almost thirty years back and mainly tried to hit at drug abuse among the teens.

However in todays world the slogan has whole new meaning. Your mind power is more amazing than you can imagine; the biggest reason for this is because you can change the landscape of your entire life if you can unleash this power of mind. Everyone has mind power, even you. It is just a matter of believing in it and your mind’s ability. It is probably not going to happen overnight, but you can use it overtime to change your life and bring positivity and good luck into your life.

It is simply about communicating to the universe what you want and pulling it to you. It all starts with your own mind’s power. How powerful is yours?

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