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Just think how great it would be if you could alter reality so that things go the way you want them to go.

For example if you really wanted a dream house how would you go about getting it? You have to divert all of your energies to that dream house.

Imagine yourself painting and decorating it for example.

Everything you do has to do with getting that house. It could be improving your performance at work, clocking the commute from that new house to your job, looking at paint at the local Home Depot, reading up on how to get a good mortgage. You might even start buying a few small things for that new house. After you’ve put your effort towards it, your dream starts coming true the house goes up for sale, you are able to secure the mortgage, your offer is accepted and everything goes fine. It’s all because you’ve been putting your thoughts and your energy into achieving your goal; this is what makes it happen for you. You can do this. Stop just letting life happen to you, make it happen for you.

Decide on a small goal at first. Clearly define that goal. Do not doubt the power of your mind and you will be amazed at what happens!

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You’ve certainly heard about the law of attraction; the idea behind the book and film ‘The Secret’. Whatever you put your mental energy toward will come to you is the message of the work. Whether you do so consciously or not, the power of mind is such that you can make whatever you focus on happen, whether for good or ill.

Scientific theories also help in manifesting this viewpoint.

Medical science calls this phenomenon as Placebo effect. Mind over matter is an old phrase that can be considered as relevant in this regard.

We do understand the fact that if we suitably use our mind, things that really matter will happen in our lives.

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Affirmations are the most effective in making behavioral or habitual changes on yourself. Suppose, you are trying to quit smoking, reduce drinking or stop over-eating, your best way forward would be via the path of affirmations. Scientific research studies show that continuously repeating and reminding something to yourself either spoken or in written form taps into the power of your subconscious mind and thereby make the required behavioral change. The second method after affirmations is that of Post Hypnotic Suggestion that is used to develop the power of ones subconscious within. A common method in such endeavors, it requires the guidance from a qualified hypnotherapist.

However, self hypnosis is also possible and is usually undergone by individuals with the help of hypnosis audios.

Binaural beats can be said to be the third technique for tapping into ones subconscious mind power, which is gaining popularity in recent days.

In this method, an individual uses headphones in order to hear two different sound waves having slightly different frequencies through each of his ears. These sound waves then go to his brain and synchronize his left and right hemispheres thereby creating a mental condition that is similar to a deeply meditative trance.

When this is achieved, the subconscious part of his mind can communicate successfully with that of his conscious part.

Back in the 1980’s there was a commercial, a slogan really, ‘The mind is a terrible thing to waste.

‘ While the commercial dealt with teens and drug use, the message can still be applied today.

The power of the mind is in fact the most powerful thing in the Universe and you can utilize your own mind power to create the life you want. Again, literally everyone has a powerful mind, and it’s just a matter of believing in your abilities and some practice. It’s probably not going to happen overnight (after all, it does require practice), but if you do this, you can change your circumstances and turn your luck around. You must be able to communicate to the universe what is that you want, and it will come back to you manifested in physical form. Everything however starts with the subconscious mind. Leverage its power!

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