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There has been numerous claimants to this power of psychokinesis in the world, some of which are worthy of mention. Martin Caidin was the author of the 1972 novel Cyborg. He was able to move energy wheels kept on the tops of one table or more.

The Israeli Uri Geller and the Soviet psychic Nina Kulagina are also worthy of mention due to the spoon bending techniques of the former and the short films showing psychokinetic demonstrations of the latter. Mention must be made of Felicia Parise, an American laboratory technician who could move matters like plastic pill containers, aluminum foil, compass needles etc with the power of her mind. While she first performed these spontaneously, it was only after several intense concentration sessions and inspiration from the Nina Kulagina films that she was able to develop her powers to work at her will. She was also stated as the First American who could move matter with her mind by an American tabloid. She left demonstrating telekinetic abilities due to too much stress on her body.

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Coming down to the most spiritually advanced place in the world, the great mountain range of the Himalayas in India, Nepal and Tibet, one can say that this vast place radiates with positive energy and hence is called the seat of spirituality in the ancient East. Sadhus and monks who renounce everything that is worldly reside here in the nooks and corners spending their lives in harnessing the powers of the mind and being experts at it. In India, the holy pilgrimage takes place in the form of Kumbh Mela (Annual), Ardh Kumbh Mela (Once in 6 years) and Purna Kumbh Mela (once in 12 years) where all such rare sadhus come down to take a dip in the holy Ganges where one can witness miraculous acts such as psychokinesis therein.

science of subconscious mind
Even if you haven’t seen the film or read the book, it’s all but certain that you know of the book The Secret or about the law of attraction, the most important idea of the book and film. Whatever you think about in your attitudes will manifest itself in your life, and that includes what happens when you aren’t paying attention to your attitude, too.

It works whether you want it to or not.

If you’re having a hard time believing it, here is a great example of mind power at work. Many medical research performed involves the subconscious mind and the Placebo Effect. This is where you have a couple groups that are formed from volunteers that are paid for going through the experiment.

They all suffer from the same problem, but separated into 2 groups and given two different pills. One group is given the real medicine and the other is given a placebo. The best part about it is neither group knows that one of them is getting something different. Then the medical team studies the results.

You could easily use your mind powers to alter your life and have every little thing you’ve ever longed for. The only downside is that you need to couple the power of your mind with the physical action required to make things happen. When your mind embarks on to question that benefits will happen, remind yourself of all the times that you triumphed.

Think of all the achievements you have actually achieved in your life so far. Bear in mind the attitude that got you there. Everything in your life hinges on your mind powers. If your partner gets back from work and you are currently mad about something they did, it’s likely to stimulate a negative reaction in your partner and create an argument. Your result has actually already been figured out by your mind powers.

But, if you declare and respond to your partner in a loving manner, then everything will go simply great. If by chance you hate rainy days, the probability is you will be depressed if you look outside and it is raining.

This will have an impact on your whole day. Nevertheless, if you can identify the tricks to developing new ideas, you will have a more positive outlook on the day and your life. In the end, all of us have negative thinking patterns, however lucky for us the mind is an easy thing to alter.
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