mind power techniques

Imagine completely altering your life by actively taking part in the influence your mind has on your reality.

Say that you wanted a new house. You want that new house so much that it almost becomes an obsession. You think about it all the time, you have even planned the landscape and the color of the master bathroom. Let’s talk about your dream house for a second.

You will give yourself the appropriate affirmation to study hard on how to make this happen. You might look into mortgage rates, what you need to do with your personal finances, or even read that fine print on potential contracts. And one fine day we will find out that dream house we always wanted is up for sell.

The preparations that we have made and all the energies that we gave will now be put to good use. Thus we confirm the deal of buying the house and thus our goal becomes a reality. This is within your grasp.

You can do it stop letting life happen to you, and you start happening to your life. Make your mind your most powerful asset, and you’ll be astonished at the changes you can make in your life by setting small goals and focusing on them.

Touching on this ‘power of mind’ idea is the ‘The Secret’. Millions have bought the book, more than that have watched the movie, and by now, the Internet is flooded with people trying to get you to believe in the Law of Attraction, which is that principle laid bare. The Laws of attraction puts forward the fact that we can have whatever the mind thinks about with great amounts of focus and concentration.

However this feat is impossible if we do not do it with all the zeal and seriousness we have within us. We need to think about something actively and then will reap the fruits of effective using of the power of the mind. Or life will be better and satisfaction is bound to come.

Scientifically it has been proved that if we really work our mind, life will reap the fruits of betterment and prosperity. Medical science regards this as Placebo Effect and we should always remember the old saying Mind over matter.

This really points out that our mind can in fact can make things happen which ultimately matters in the long run.

One can use the technique of affirmation to stop his bad habits. If you want to stop your habit of smoking, drinking, over-eating, etc, resorting to this technique is your best bet. Studies show that affirming oneself via repeated reminders either in spoken or written form works wonders in tapping your subconscious min power and thereby changing your behaviour.

Post hypnotic suggestion can be said to be the second common technique for subconscious mind power development. Generally the help of a professional hypnotherapist is sought and required in this method but one can also induce self hypnosis by using pre-recorded hypnosis audio CDs. The third technique of subconscious mind power development is that of Binaural Beats which is an avenue of brainwave synchronization. Here, two sound wave frequencies having a slight difference is heard from each ear by an individual which goes into the brain to synchronize. This in turn synchronizes the two hemispheres of the persons brain and immediately administers a deep meditative trance like state of mind enabling the conscious to communicate with the subconscious.

A commercial which aired frequently in the 1980s used the slogan ‘the mind is a terrible thing to waste’.

We’re not talking about college educations here today, but this is a slogan which is absolutely true. The truth is that we must prevent any aspect in our lives that caters to the sin of wasting our mind power. The practice should be that we endeavor to use the power of the mind in all possible ways imaginable and this will really bring a change in our lives and that too in a massive way. We can accomplish all that we want in our lives by putting the mind to good use. Again, literally everyone has a powerful mind, and it’s just a matter of believing in your abilities and some practice. It’s probably not going to happen overnight (after all, it does require practice), but if you do this, you can change your circumstances and turn your luck around.

You must be able to communicate to the universe what is that you want, and it will come back to you manifested in physical form. But it all starts within the subconscious mind. How much mind power do you have?

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