the power of the subconscious

You might try this: Write everything down on a piece of paper, either as a list or as though you were telling a story.

What goals do you have for yourself? Then, create what you visualize around these goals. Writing these things down will make it hard for you to simply ignore them another day. Try doing this several times a day at first until what you’re doing becomes ‘real’ to you. Another technique to use to increase mind power is affirmations. Affirmations are positive things that you think or say to yourself throughout the day.

They encourage you to think positivity and to work towards your goals. And it doesn’t matter if it feels strange to you do this at first; it’s going to become a habit, and like any habit, it’s going to take about 28 days to develop this habit, too.

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Affirmation hold good for habit changing efforts. Suppose, you are trying to stop bad habits like smoking, drinking or over-eating, affirmations are the best. Scientific studies show that constant repetitions and reminders, either spoken or written facilitates tapping the powers of your subconscious and thereby changing your behaviour in the process. After affirmations, the other common method of developing ones own subconscious mind is through the technique of Post Hypnotic Suggestion.

This generally requires the help from a qualified hypnotherapist but self hypnosis is also possible via usage of the various kinds of hypnosis audios that exists in the market nowadays. Brainwave synchronization through binaural beats is the third technique for subconscious mind power development. In this method, one is made to hear two different sound wave frequencies through each of his ears so that they go onto the brain and synchronize the two hemispheres thereof. This results in inducing a trance like mental condition which is a prerequisite for effective communication between the conscious and subconscious part of ones brain.

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At subatomic levels matter ceases to be ‘solid’ and is shown to be pure energy. Quantum physics has shown beyond doubt that this energy can be manipulated by the mind. However, quantum physics is also an information restricted space; the mere act of observing an event changes the event by taking (or adding) information to it. Another portion of the explanation also concludes that it’s your mind that creates the energy in the first place and the reality of how it is used throughout the day. All matter and hence all reality has been proven to be a creation of our mind.

This is the true meaning of ‘subconscious mind power’! Some religious traditions have long accepted the idea that it is our minds which actually control our world and science is starting to make connections which could eventually explain exactly how this phenomenon works. No matter what religious beliefs, if any that you hold yourself, you probably do believe in physics.

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Psychokinesis is a phenomenon where an individual just by the sheer power of his thoughts can move objects physically. Thus, in concept it has some similarity with the phrase ‘mind over matter’ and can be safely stated to be one of the extremes of the same. In an effort to research and experiment the influence of the human mind in the unexplained movement of physical matter, the word Telekinesis was first coined which referred to such paranormal activity being initiated by spirits or ghosts. However, when human mind was realized to be the reason behind all this, the term Psychokinesis was coined. This extreme form of mind over matter can be measured in two different ways. Firstly, the micro psychokinesis refers to minute atomic changes in matter that only a microscope or any such scientific instrument can pick up. Secondly, Macro psychokinesis involves the movement of large matter visible in the normal sense of sight. Starting from the power of basic concentration to the power of your will power in improving yourself. Nevertheless, be it concentrating to bear with pain or actual paranormal activities such as moving matter with the power of your mind, human mind power is known to be one of the most vital of forces that can achieve any miracle.

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