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In fact, write down your positive ideas and thoughts of your ideal life in a story like format. Talk about your goals and your dreams and what you would like your life to be like. You want to be able to remember as much as possible when you begin the visualization exercise so write down as many details as you can. Do these several times a day until it begins to feel so real that you begin to believe in your dreams. Another way to increase your mind power is through the use of affirmations. Affirmations are statements you make to lift your spirits. They are always positive and always make you feel good.

As you repeat them you feel encouraged and positive about life. This exercise will help you fell positive about life. For example you may want to lose weight.

So you tell yourself throughout the day such things as, I am so happy that I will be 10 pounds thinner by the end of the month. Keep affirming that potential in your mind. Do this often enough and it’ll become a habit, and good things will follow.

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Affirmations work well in case of any habit changing endeavors in case you are trying to get rid of a bad habit such as drinking, smoking or even over-eating. Research proves that affirmations through constant reminders and repetitions help you to develop the power o the subconscious which in turn changes your behaviour. After affirmations, the other common method of developing ones own subconscious mind is through the technique of Post Hypnotic Suggestion.

This generally requires the help from a qualified hypnotherapist but self hypnosis is also possible via usage of the various kinds of hypnosis audios that exists in the market nowadays. Binaural Beats is the third technique which uses brainwave synchronization to develop the powers of the subconscious. In this method the individual is made to hear two slightly different sound frequencies from each ear which go onto the brain to synchronize t he left and the right hemispheres thereof. This results in an almost instant trance like state making it possible for the subconscious to communicate with the conscious self of the individual.

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It is already known that all matter is at its most basic essence pure energy and it seems that our subconscious mind power may be able to influence matter. This is an unbelievable idea but there is mounting evidence to suggest that you create your own reality by manipulating the energy which creates matter. Some call it an energy field, but it’s more accurately described as the fact that if you observe a quantum effect, you are limited in the information you can retrieve from it. Wave forms collapse and probabilities realign. More practically, this simply means we don’t know why the Law of Attraction works, it just does. Long before our time, ancient religions lived by their understanding of the subconscious mind. Those who were dedicated to their beliefs even transformed the subconscious mind into powers beyond the thought of man.

Some may believe its religion, some may believe its science, but in the end just acknowledging that it’s there is important.

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The phenomenon of Psychokinesis shares some common ground with the idiom ‘mind over matter’ since it involves moving articles physically with the power of one’s mind. Infact this phenomenon can be stated to be an extreme form of the idiom above.

This paranormal phenomenon was researched by parapsychologists in the 19th century in order to study the degree to which human mind was responsible for moving matter from one place to another with the power of thoughts. At first when the reasons were attributed to ghosts and spirits it was coined Telekinesis while later on when the human mind power came into the scene it was coined psychokinesis. Micro-psychokinesis and macro-Psychokinesis are the two types of the phenomena depending on its measurement. When the movement is too small to get detected without using a scientific instrument, it falls in the first category while large movements in objects, easily observable with naked eyesight fall in the second. You must have heard your parents using the phrase ‘mind over matter’ during some childhood toothache or stomachache that you had. In that case your mother was perhaps trying to lessen your pain by asking you to focus away from it. Nevertheless, be it concentrating to bear with pain or actual paranormal activities such as moving matter with the power of your mind, human mind power is known to be one of the most vital of forces that can achieve any miracle.

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