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Suppose we put the theory of the power of the mind to test. We set a goal that we need to have a dream home and then completely become obsessed with the idea of buying such a house. We think about it day and night and even decide the colors of the walls and the other intricacies of the dream house. Everything you do has to do with getting that house.

It could be improving your performance at work, clocking the commute from that new house to your job, looking at paint at the local Home Depot, reading up on how to get a good mortgage.

You might even start buying a few small things for that new house. By focusing on this goal and putting your mental energy towards your objective, you can make it happen don’t be too surprised when your dream home goes on the market and your offer is accepted; and you even get just the right mortgage. It is the power of the mind which has made this come about, not simply good luck.

What it comes down to is that we believe in ourselves to a certain extent. When the time comes that you feel as though something will be impossible, it’s time to tap into the subconscious mind. If you can do this, it won’t be long before you start experiencing the positive energy that is built around you.

training the subconscious mind
The world was struck by the concept of the power of the mind after the book named The Secret and the movie named on the same reached the market. The people became aware of the Laws of Attraction and its utility in our lives. The Laws of Attraction showed that the thoughts of an individual is very important since the thoughts only attract the things that we desire for and those which will make our lives better in the long run. Whether you do so consciously or not, the power of mind is such that you can make whatever you focus on happen, whether for good or ill. Proof of this can be seen in scientific studies everywhere, in the medical world it is known as the Placebo Effect. There is an old adage that even evokes the sentiments, ‘Mind over matter.’ That means that if you don’t mind it doesn’t matter, and if you do mind then it will matter.

Mind Power – Buddhism
Affirmations are the most effective in making behavioral or habitual changes on yourself. Suppose, you are trying to quit smoking, reduce drinking or stop over-eating, your best way forward would be via the path of affirmations. Scientific research studies show that continuously repeating and reminding something to yourself either spoken or in written form taps into the power of your subconscious mind and thereby make the required behavioral change. The second method after affirmations is that of Post Hypnotic Suggestion that is used to develop the power of ones subconscious within. A common method in such endeavors, it requires the guidance from a qualified hypnotherapist. However, self hypnosis is also possible and is usually undergone by individuals with the help of hypnosis audios. The third technique use brainwave synchronization technology as a means to develop the power of the subconscious within. Known as Binaural Beats, this involves hearing two different sound wave frequencies through each ear which goes onto the brain to synchronize and create an almost immediate meditative trance. Having the left and the right hemispheres of the brain synchronized, it thereby makes it possible for the subconscious part to communicate with the conscious part thereof.

You may not know this, but back around the early to mid-80s, we really saw an increase in powerful messages helping the subconscious mind. Most of them dealt with anti-drug slogans and commercials that were just about everywhere.

However, there was one that said, ‘The mind is a terrible thing to waste.’ Well, they couldn’t have brought more right. Your mind has lot more power than you might think; and the power of mind is indeed a terrible thing to waste. When you can access the power your mind contains, you can use it to change the world around you for the better. Everyone has mind power, even you. It is just a matter of believing in it and your mind’s ability. It is probably not going to happen overnight, but you can use it overtime to change your life and bring positivity and good luck into your life. It is simply about communicating to the universe what you want and pulling it to you. It all starts with the subconscious mind and knowing that your mind is very powerful.

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