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In order to examine the power of the mind we can literally set a goal in our head.

It may be a house in this case and then we should channelize all our thoughts to this goal. We must think about it in all forms ways. We may even go to the extent of thinking about the colors that we may use on the walls and the landscape around. Let’s talk about your dream house for a second. You will give yourself the appropriate affirmation to study hard on how to make this happen. You might look into mortgage rates, what you need to do with your personal finances, or even read that fine print on potential contracts. Then as if by magic your dream home comes onto the market at a price you can afford.

Somehow everything just comes together and it is yours! So everything you did, all of the energy that you directed at getting that house has paid off. This is within your grasp.

You can do it stop letting life happen to you, and you start happening to your life. Make your mind your most powerful asset, and you’ll be astonished at the changes you can make in your life by setting small goals and focusing on them.

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In the last few years there has been an interesting concept called the ‘law of attraction’. This came about by the book and film called ‘The Secret’ which deals with the idea of ‘the power of mind’. In a nutshell, whatever you positively visualize in your life, you’ll achieve.

Even if you don’t consciously direct it, your perceptions of the world will alter how the world happens to you. People with negative attitudes draw negative events to them, and people with positive attitudes draw good fortune to them. One prime example of mind power at work is called the placebo effect.

This is named for the clinical trials which use placebos for the control group while giving the actual medication to the other. Both groups think they’re getting the medication, so both often believe them to be experiencing the effects that have been described to them.

Quantum Physic applied to Mind Power – Part 1 of 10
According to many scientific studies, affirmations can be used successfully to tap into the powers of ones subconscious which in turn can change an individuals behaviour. Thus, one can use affirmations in order to successfully rid himself of habits such as smoking, drinking or overeating. Post hypnotic suggestion is also another common method for developing the power of the subconscious mind.

Usually it is induced under the supervision of a qualified hypnotherapist but an individual can also induce the same via self hypnosis using hypnosis audios.

Binaural beats can be said to be the third technique for tapping into ones subconscious mind power, which is gaining popularity in recent days. In this method, an individual uses headphones in order to hear two different sound waves having slightly different frequencies through each of his ears. These sound waves then go to his brain and synchronize his left and right hemispheres thereby creating a mental condition that is similar to a deeply meditative trance. When this is achieved, the subconscious part of his mind can communicate successfully with that of his conscious part.

Who would have thought that decade of the 1980s would have taught us so much about the subconscious mind. We watched high school and college kids break into their own worlds in the sixties and seventies, when drugs surfaced around the country.

Those were some of the most interesting parts of our history, but with drug use up, the eighties needed some new light on the topic and scientist started looking at ‘the power of mind’. The power of the mind is in fact the most powerful thing in the Universe and you can utilize your own mind power to create the life you want. Again, literally everyone has this power, the power of the mind. It’s a matter of believing in your abilities and then working on developing them. Again, this isn’t likely to happen overnight, but it will happen if you stay focused. You can have the life you want. You can change your circumstances from bad to good, or your luck from bad to good. As you work on developing your mind power, you can then train it out into the universe for good, so that what you put out will manifest back to you in the positive, and is what you desire.

Remember everything starts with the subconscious mind. The only thing holding you back is your conscious mind!

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