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The mind itself is like a magnet, and what you think and see you will eventually attract. This is based upon what is called the ‘Law of Attraction,’ and your mind is an amazingly powerful instrument. When you believe something very strongly, it’s eventually going to happen. This is real mind power! If you can think and feel and believe that you will have a great life, then you will. First you must imagine it and that takes practice. But with persistence in anything you do, you can achieve success.

The mind is a remarkable thing.

Every one of us is born with this mind power, but most of us don’t believe that it can actually help us or even that it exists. It’s been proven, for example, that humans only use about 10% of their current brain capacity for power; now, think about that for a second.

That’s crazy, but it’s probably true. Most of us just stick with the ‘tried-and-true,’ and never try to break out or our comfort zones. That is why we all feel that we are having so much trouble in life. We think negatively because we do not believe that what we want can happen. So we basically continue to attract nothing more than negativity.

The truth of it is that the things that we think are really happening right before our eyes.

A doctor knows how powerful one’s mind is, and may actually think telling you will cause side effects; through the power of your subconscious mind. Therefore, a doctor may minimize these negative things, in the hopes that you won’t experience them. Suggesting them, in other words, may increase your chances of having side effects. And of course, they also want you to be compliant with taking the medication, so that’s another reason to minimize the negative effects of the drug. Subconscious mind power combined with the power of suggestion is incredibly potent! And as it works in medicine, so, too, can it work in your life to create positive change. What’s preventing you from tapping into this most amazing power? You may want to use the power of suggestion to change the way your subconscious mind ‘talks to you.’

Apart from all the above modern scientifically researched claims, one finds such people and such special abilities in the age old and remotest corners of massive mountain ranges like that of the Himalayas, stated to be powerhouse places of positive energy and spirituality.

The sadhus and monks who renounce the world and live in such mountains of India, Nepal and Tibet are said to be experts on mind powers.

Such people and their psychokinesis and other miraculous feat demonstrations can be witnessed by others during the famous Indian pilgrimage to the holy river Ganges called Kmbh Mela (once a year), Ardh Kumbh Mela (Once in six years) and the great purna Kumbh mela (once in twelve years).

Although you may not even have considered it before; learning how to use the power of your mind is vitally important to having a great life! Obviously it is better to have your assets working for you instead of working against you. Let’s take a closer look at how to use the power of your mind to achieve what you want. We must initially set a clear goal in our mind and this must be done in a categorical way. However The goal that we decide must not be contain a subject matter which is vague for example huge amount of money.

We must have the amount precisely in our mind and then channelize all our thoughts and energy to think about that fixed amount. Pull yourself away from distracting influences.

Keep that effort constant. Try to clear your mind of the usual pattern of thirty different thoughts running at once. Of course many successful people already understand how to use the power of their own mind to achieve the things they want. They are able to focus all of their thoughts and actions into achieving their goals. Just think if you could influence your mind to quit smoking, lose weight, make more money, or buy that dream home. They are all great things to think about right? Sure, but don’t let it stop with self-improvement. Obviously you’re going to have to organize your life a little, but with constant affirmation it will keep you motivated throughout the entire process.

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