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Your mind is an incredibly powerful thing, and it’s actually a magnet to things that happen in your life. What you think and see is eventually what you’re going to attract. This is known as The Law of Attraction and is specifically the power of your own mind. If you believe in something strongly enough, you’ll help make it happen, and this can become the key to reaching the best life possible. This is mind power. Mind power is something each of us has. Most of us lack the centralized realization that that power is under our own control. Researchers have shown that we only use about 10% of our brain’s capabilities for conscious thought, and that applies to our intellectual capabilities as well. We go for the simplest things possible because they require the least overall effort. And that may be why we feel like we’re having a lot of trouble. We may think negatively because we don’t believe that what we want to have can actually be ours.

So what that means is that we continue to attract more negative things instead of more positive things. However, if you take a look at it honestly, you’ll know that the life you have in front of you is the one you’ve thought about and attracted to you.

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This is because they realise how powerful the mind really is and feel it is better not to tell you what might happen since the very act of suggesting to you the possibilities is likely to make it a reality. You can help to cultivate your subconscious power by harnessing this power of suggestion.

If avoiding the negative news of drug side effects can reduce their frequency and severity, imagine what you could do if you used that power to direct negative experiences away from you, by keeping a positive outlook? This effect of subconscious mind power is sometimes called the Law of Attraction, and is the subject of the DVD ‘The Secret’.

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Psychokinetic abilities also exist in areas that are beyond the scientific study and researching boundary.

In this light mention may be made of the great mountain range of Himalayas that stands as the symbol of positive energy and spirituality of the ancient East. Stretching from India through Nepal into Tibet, it is a vast place where sadhus and monks reside, renouncing everything and giving up their entire lives towards realizing the full potential of their minds.

The word famous pilgrimage of India named Kumbh Mela (Annual), Ardha Kumbh Mela (once in 6 years) and Purna Kumbh Mela (once in 12 years) is that time when one can see these great souls and their special abilities openly when they all come down to take a holy dip in the Ganges.

We as individuals never really give it a thought of how to actually use our mind power for the betterment of our lives. However this act in fact will prove healthier since if we do put our mind to good use , we will ultimately be able to achieve all that we desire in life. Moreover it is really a good practice to use our assets to enhance the way we live our lives. Let us look at what needs to be done in order to get your mind to manifest everything you want.

We must initially set a clear goal in our mind and this must be done in a categorical way.

However The goal that we decide must not be contain a subject matter which is vague for example huge amount of money. We must have the amount precisely in our mind and then channelize all our thoughts and energy to think about that fixed amount. Learning to focus is the key here; most of the time, you may have dozens of different thoughts going on at once.

You must however be consistent and keep going.

All those who already understand the power of their mind constantly work towards their goals. There is no room for being stagnate and just wishing things would be better. Just think if you could influence your mind to quit smoking, lose weight, make more money, or buy that dream home. They are all great things to think about right? Sure, but don’t let it stop with self-improvement. Obviously you’re going to have to organize your life a little, but with constant affirmation it will keep you motivated throughout the entire process.

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