mind power into the 21st century

When you learn to control this power of the mind, you can use it to make changes in your world; in fact, you can make almost anything you can imagine a reality. Let’s say that you want to buy a particular house. You put all of your mental energy into it, imagining even the small details like the color you want to paint the rec room. You need to focus everything on getting that house. Deciding on what color paint you are going to buy.

Enquire about the best deal for a mortgage even if you feel it is beyond your reach at the moment. Then all of a sudden that dream house is for sale.

Not only for sale, but you qualify for the mortgage.

Even better the owners accept the offer you made, you close the deal and you are able to move into your new house in 30 days.

Everything you had been doing, all of the energy, all of the thoughts were towards getting that house and you got it. The point is you need to take control. You need to decide for yourself that having the right affirmations everyday will change your life for the better. If you can do this, you can accomplish anything. Just remember, your thoughts brought you to this article. Now that you’re here, what are you going to do next?

You’re certainly at least somewhat familiar with The Secret, whether or not you’ve ever read the book or watched the film, you probably know the basics of the law of attraction which is the central idea of the work. The Laws of attraction puts forward the fact that we can have whatever the mind thinks about with great amounts of focus and concentration. However this feat is impossible if we do not do it with all the zeal and seriousness we have within us. We need to think about something actively and then will reap the fruits of effective using of the power of the mind. Or life will be better and satisfaction is bound to come. Proof of this can be seen in scientific studies everywhere, in the medical world it is known as the Placebo Effect.

There is an old adage that even evokes the sentiments, ‘Mind over matter.’ That means that if you don’t mind it doesn’t matter, and if you do mind then it will matter.

One can use the technique of affirmation to stop his bad habits. If you want to stop your habit of smoking, drinking, over-eating, etc, resorting to this technique is your best bet. Studies show that affirming oneself via repeated reminders either in spoken or written form works wonders in tapping your subconscious min power and thereby changing your behaviour.

The second method used for developing the power of the subconscious mind is the Post Hypnotic Suggestion. A common method of guiding the subconscious, it usually needs an expert hypnotherapist to do it. However, an individual can also undergo hypnosis by himself with the help of various hypnosis audios that are available.

The third technique of subconscious mind power development is that of Binaural Beats which is an avenue of brainwave synchronization.

Here, two sound wave frequencies having a slight difference is heard from each ear by an individual which goes into the brain to synchronize.

This in turn synchronizes the two hemispheres of the persons brain and immediately administers a deep meditative trance like state of mind enabling the conscious to communicate with the subconscious.

Do you remember the old drug slogans geared towards teens in the eighties? Well, there was one of them that said, ‘The mind is a terrible thing to waste.

‘ While they’re commercial was talking about frying your brain cells, we can translate the slogan into a conversation covering the subconscious mind. Our minds have a lot of potential which most of us are letting go unused.

The power of mind is something that none of us should waste and when we know how to tap into these unused resources, we can change our lives and event the world. As can be seen, everyone has mind power. It’s a matter of belief in what one can do, with their own abilities and positive affirmations. You can use this ability to change your circumstances and rewrite your future to one you want to see happen. It won’t happen over night, and it takes some repetition to make it all work, but the effort pays off in the end. Remember everything starts with the subconscious mind. The only thing holding you back is your conscious mind!

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