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Another way to build up visualizations and positive mental images is to write a narration to yourself, like a story. Open up a piece of paper and write down the goals you want to achieve, and focus on them.

Work backwards from the goal to what needs to happen immediately before accomplishing it.

Create your visions out of those steps. Writing things down also imprints it, and makes it harder to forget. You can also use affirmations to increase your mind power. Affirmations are simply little, encouraging positive sayings that you can save yourself throughout the day. It can be about anything. For example, if you want to lose 10 pounds, you can say something to the effect of, ‘I’m losing the extra weight effortlessly and easily.’ As you continue to say this, you may notice that truly, the weight is actually coming off pretty easily. It’ll just naturally start to happen. As you state what you expect to be true, it will eventually become true.

It may feel a bit uncomfortable at first but if you do anything consistently for 28 days it becomes a habit.

Affirmations are the most effective in making behavioral or habitual changes on yourself. Suppose, you are trying to quit smoking, reduce drinking or stop over-eating, your best way forward would be via the path of affirmations.

Scientific research studies show that continuously repeating and reminding something to yourself either spoken or in written form taps into the power of your subconscious mind and thereby make the required behavioral change. A second technique to discover the power of the subconscious mind is via the route of post hypnotic suggestion. This method generally involves using the professional expertise of a hypnotherapist, but one can also induce the state himself with the help of hypnotic audio CDs. Binaural beats can be said to be the third technique for tapping into ones subconscious mind power, which is gaining popularity in recent days.

In this method, an individual uses headphones in order to hear two different sound waves having slightly different frequencies through each of his ears. These sound waves then go to his brain and synchronize his left and right hemispheres thereby creating a mental condition that is similar to a deeply meditative trance. When this is achieved, the subconscious part of his mind can communicate successfully with that of his conscious part.

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It is already known that all matter is at its most basic essence pure energy and it seems that our subconscious mind power may be able to influence matter. This is evidence that has been proven with quantum physics and explains how you can manipulate that energy with the power of your mind. What does that mean? Matter or energy exists because it is observed, and for no other reason.

This means that your subconscious mind power is the creation of everything.

Ancient religions have known this for thousands of years, but modern science has finally jumped on board with this knowledge, too, since the advent of quantum physics. Therefore, no matter your spiritual mindset, you can’t deny that quantum physics proves the power of the mind.

The phenomenon of Psychokinesis shares some common ground with the idiom ‘mind over matter’ since it involves moving articles physically with the power of one’s mind.

Infact this phenomenon can be stated to be an extreme form of the idiom above. The term Telekinesis which first came into existence during the 19th century used to mean movement of physical objects by spirits of the dead. Later on when the parapsychologists researched more on the subject and experimented on the same, they found out the role played by human minds in such phenomena resulting in it being called phenomena of Psychokinesis.

Micro-psychokinesis and macro-Psychokinesis are the two types of the phenomena depending on its measurement. When the movement is too small to get detected without using a scientific instrument, it falls in the first category while large movements in objects, easily observable with naked eyesight fall in the second. The ability of the human mind to influence matter is what is meant by the phrase ‘mind over matter’. We have heard this phrase repeated several times perhaps by our parents and teachers while they motivated us to reach greater heights with studies and during examinations against all hindrances. From focusing your mind on other things to lessening an intense pain to even moving physical objects with the power of your thoughts; all are possible when you put your mind to it.

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