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Visualize changing your life. Decide what you want. Say for example you want your dream home. Now all of your thoughts, feelings and actions need to be directed towards that end. Even imagine yourself in that house painting and decorating it or landscaping the gardens.

From now on, everything you do needs to be focussed on getting that house.

This could be anything from choosing the decor color scheme to looking at the best rate for mortgages even if you think you can’t afford it the moment. Buy a few things to put in the house. As we get more and more obsessed with the idea, one fine morning we may find that we have reached our goal. A house is up for sell and we must now reap the benefits of the all the energies spend in this direction and thus immediately seal the deal. It’s up to you to make your life. You can either sit passively by and let life happen to you, or you can grab it and direct it using the power of your mind.

Work on small goals and build up to larger ones the same way small rocks can lead to a sturdy platform to see the world from. Don’t let anyone or anything stand in the way of the power of your mind with the Law of Attraction.

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You’ve certainly heard about the law of attraction; the idea behind the book and film ‘The Secret’. Whatever you put your mental energy toward will come to you is the message of the work. Whatever you think about in your attitudes will manifest itself in your life, and that includes what happens when you aren’t paying attention to your attitude, too. It works whether you want it to or not. One prime example of mind power at work is called the placebo effect. This is named for the clinical trials which use placebos for the control group while giving the actual medication to the other. Both groups think they’re getting the medication, so both often believe them to be experiencing the effects that have been described to them.

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According to many scientific studies, affirmations can be used successfully to tap into the powers of ones subconscious which in turn can change an individuals behaviour. Thus, one can use affirmations in order to successfully rid himself of habits such as smoking, drinking or overeating. The second technique for subconscious mind power development is known as post hypnotic suggestion. This is also a common process which an individual can undergo under the supervision of a professional hypnotherapist.

Alternately, one can also go for self hypnosis using pre-recorded hypnosis audio CDs. The third technique use brainwave synchronization technology as a means to develop the power of the subconscious within. Known as Binaural Beats, this involves hearing two different sound wave frequencies through each ear which goes onto the brain to synchronize and create an almost immediate meditative trance.

Having the left and the right hemispheres of the brain synchronized, it thereby makes it possible for the subconscious part to communicate with the conscious part thereof.

Who would have thought that decade of the 1980s would have taught us so much about the subconscious mind. We watched high school and college kids break into their own worlds in the sixties and seventies, when drugs surfaced around the country.

Those were some of the most interesting parts of our history, but with drug use up, the eighties needed some new light on the topic and scientist started looking at ‘the power of mind’. In reality wasting the power of the mind should not be patronized in any way. It is actually invaluable and in reality we can use this immense power source to improve our lives in a big way. We can put this to good use and achieve whatever we need or desire in life. As can be seen, everyone has mind power. It’s a matter of belief in what one can do, with their own abilities and positive affirmations. You can use this ability to change your circumstances and rewrite your future to one you want to see happen.

It won’t happen over night, and it takes some repetition to make it all work, but the effort pays off in the end. How much mind power do you have inside of you?
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