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Some experts believe that we actually only use about 10% of our total mind power capacity. Imagine what would happen if you could actually access the dormant and remaining 90%. We could see literally incredible results.

Scientists have long thought, in fact, that those who have so-called ‘psychic’ or extrasensory powers have them because in fact they can access parts of their minds other people cannot.

They have perhaps been born with this ‘extra’ mindpower or they’ve been able to develop this power of the mind in their lives. To conclude, one can safely say that the power of the human mind can make any impossible possible. Right from moving matter physically to attracting your desire from the universe, you can create, control and change whatever you want in your life an in this world. Infact, one can create his own destiny by using the power of thoughts, concentration faith and true belief.

The process behind increased mind power is not well understood, but quantum physics’ latest advances have begun to peel back the layers and show us the true blank between what we think and what we experience as our reality. There have also been many studies that seem to suggest that our minds really do have the power to shape our world more than being shaped by the world around them!

Visualize changing your life. Decide what you want. Say for example you want your dream home. Now all of your thoughts, feelings and actions need to be directed towards that end. Even imagine yourself in that house painting and decorating it or landscaping the gardens. You start expending effort into areas that will help you to achieve your goal (like working more so you can save up the down payment) and research how to get favorable mortgage terms.

As we get more and more obsessed with the idea, one fine morning we may find that we have reached our goal. A house is up for sell and we must now reap the benefits of the all the energies spend in this direction and thus immediately seal the deal. The moral is that we need to set a goal in our head and thrive to attain it at all costs. Our mind power can help us to a great extent in this regard.

This is also the reason why hypochondriacs get sick more often as well. What you believe will alter how you interact with the world, and how you see your own ‘personal karma’. Your own mind power is awesome! Listen, everything happens for a reason and there is no such thing as coincidences. We believe this word was made up by someone who believes in luck instead of determination, or just doesn’t think that everything happens for a reason. It is not coincidence, if there is one thing that you should know by now everything happens for a reason.

The reason is your mind. Correlation is not causation, though there are a lot of people who try to link the Law of Attraction to some quantum mechanical effect. Going too far down this line will make your head hurt, either from the quantum mechanics or from the way the terminology is being misused.

Ultimately, this drives into solipsism if you look at it too deeply, and that’s not what the Law of Attraction is about. You’ve probably seen television shows, movies, or even reality documentaries like ‘The Secret,’ that deals with ESP, Telepathy, Remote Viewing, and Psychic phenomenons. As crazy as it seems – everything around you is a creation of your subconscious mind. You think about it and it happens.

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The scope or possibilities that lie with ones subconscious part of the mind is vast and not realized by many. One should realize that not only is it an instrument for self behaviour modification but can be a path towards a wonderful and adventurous world from now on. Sometimes when there is a complex subject, it’s easiest to relate them to a movie.

When it comes to the subconscious mind, the best movie to talk about is the Field of Dreams. A movie that allowed a man to believe his inner voice and take action when it said, ‘If you build it they will come.’ See, the power to create the life of your dreams, to change the person you are, to change the way things are in your life is all in your mind. Your subconscious mind power can completely change your life and give you whatever life you dream of. Unbelievable though it sounds, this is basically how your inner mind works and even though you may not know what is coming next, if you believe it will be good then it will be.

What it comes down to is if you can use the power that comes from the subconscious mind, you’ll be able to control your own destiny.

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