the power of the subconscious

Use visualizations:- With visualization, use your mind power by closing your eyes and imagining something you want to be true.

Your subconscious is very tuned in to pictures, so visualizing yourself as successful in having everything you’ve ever wanted can help make it come true. If you want new car, visualize a new car. If you want a new house, visualize a new house. Making a scrapbook of pictures that contain things you want can help give you a point of manifestation to focus on.

Consistent visualization can help things truly appear in your life that you want. Think long and hard, about psychic powers and you can make yourself get them. Think of yourself communicating telepathically envision yourself being able to see into the future, or view remotely and through your mindpower you can make it happen! People communicate all the time with their subconscious through hypnosis. During a hypnosis session a person is completely relaxed and their subconscious mind starts to wander. The hypnotherapist will start adding suggestions to your subconscious mind for you to remember when you wake up. You don’t necessarily have to go to a professional hypnotist either. You can use the technique of self hypnosis, listening to a hypnotherapy session which has been recorded. This is far cheaper than going to a hypnotist yourself and of course, you can use this recording anytime you like.

At subatomic levels, a lot of information about atoms is treated probabilistically; this has no real impact on the physical world as we experience it because of the Rule of Large Numbers.

In fact, it has actually shown that energy cannot exist at all without being observed by someone. What does that mean? Matter or energy exists because it is observed, and for no other reason. You mind does not react and respond to reality. It is your mind that has actually created that reality. There is a huge difference there as you can see and it’s what makes the power of your subconscious mind so wonderful. The person who thinks positive is focusing on the big picture as opposed to the ‘right now.’ However, this is just a small indention of how helpful this can be to changing your life for the better. There is so much out there that we’ve missed as a society that was practiced thousands of years ago.
Some steps and a few simple processes are all it takes to guide your subconscious and harness its power to tap into the unlimited potential you have stored inside. Some of these processes would be discussed here one by one.

The basic and simplest way towards guiding your subconscious in journeying down the path of affirmation.

Affirmation is the art or ability to repeat and remind your mind constantly of some particular positive aspect that you want to achieve in life.

Suppose you have been given a task which you are not particularly interested in doing, you will naturally sense a feeling of deep tiredness come over you.

This is basically a stress response working in cases where the task at hand is considered boring by the individual.

This stress response in turn cuts of the vital energy flow which is necessary to finish the given job. Using mental affirmations is your best bet to go out of this fix and to be able to complete the job properly. In this case, one way would be to constantly remind yourself about the positives or benefits that would follow after the job is done. The other way to affirm would be to face the mirror and repeatedly say to yourself that you could do this job the best, better than anybody else, so much so, that after you finish its going to be a work of art.

It’s only natural if you’re skeptical about this idea, but before you reject this idea, think about the well known phenomena of the placebo effect which shows subconscious mind power at work. Most commonly this term is used when medication trials are taking place. You have the control group, which are given a sugar pill (or placebo) and then the study group who get the actual med.

Both sets of participants are told about what the drug can do as well as about the side effects which may occur. Subconscious mind power comes into play here and in many studies, both groups of participants will report almost exactly the same effects. Both groups think that they’re receiving the medication and their subconscious mind power goes to work, making them actually experience the effects which they believed would occur. This is exactly why there are doctors who prefer not to tell patients about any side effects that a new medication might have.

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