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According to many scientific studies, affirmations can be used successfully to tap into the powers of ones subconscious which in turn can change an individuals behaviour. Thus, one can use affirmations in order to successfully rid himself of habits such as smoking, drinking or overeating.

A second technique to discover the power of the subconscious mind is via the route of post hypnotic suggestion. This method generally involves using the professional expertise of a hypnotherapist, but one can also induce the state himself with the help of hypnotic audio CDs. A relatively new concept known as binaural beats is also becoming popular as a method to develop ones subconscious mind power. A technique based on brainwave synchronization, this involves hearing sound waves of slightly different frequencies through each ear of an individual. This goes to the brain synchronizing the two hemispheres thereof, resulting in a deep meditative state of mind where communication between the conscious and the subconscious is possible.

Your perception is your truth and also the method everyone else views you. If the employer you want to work for sees that you don’t have faith in your capacities, they’re not very likely to take a chance. Now on the various other hand, you will have the right attitude if you know you are the very best at exactly what you do.

Those powers-to-be will see your positive self-image and put more faith in your work. The mind powers you have within you can help produce a happier life in all parts.

They likewise have the capability to produce a life filled with tragedies, depression, and heartaches.

People immediately bring in particular scenarios into their lives by the method they think. Let’s take another example of somebody who wants to lose weight. If the individual does not think that they could lose the pounds they want, every little thing they do will be encouraged by that self-doubt. They’ll look at a quick meals burger and state, “well, I’m not going to have the ability to lose the weight anyhow, so I may as well go ahead and indulge myself”. Exercising to get the pounds off will be harder because of the individual’s view of themselves. Eventually, they will give up since they lack belief.
The phenomenon of Psychokinesis shares some common ground with the idiom ‘mind over matter’ and can even be tagged as one of the extreme forms of the above since it refers to moving matter with the power of one’s thoughts. First coined as Telekinesis during the 19th century, this paranormal phenomenon was researched and experimented upon by parapsychologists in order to explain the extent of the power of mind over matter. The term was first denoted to explain the mysterious movement of objects by spirits or ghosts.

Later on when the role of human mind was speculated to be behind these, the term psychokinesis was born. Two types of psychokinetic phenomena exist based on the measurement of the same.

Micro- psychokinesis occurs when the changes or movement are minute in dimension often requiring scientific instruments to see them. Macro- psychokinesis however are larger movements that one can easily see with his naked eyes. ‘Mind over matter’ is one expression which promotes the idea of the human mind being able to manipulate matter and indeed all reality. The power of the mind is so strong that it can influence ay matter that it so desires, be it tangible or intangible.

Brainwave entrainment:- This is an audio technology which uses specially recorded frequencies to synchronize your brainwaves to improve memory, alleviate pain or any number of other beneficial effects. You can also tune into a certain frequency that controls the state of meditation and will allow you to communicate quickly with yoursubconscious mind and therefore develop your mindpower quickly. There are also frequencies which stimulate the chakras these are the human body’s energy centers. The third eye chakra is a chakra which controls psychic abilities. But in fact, you don’t really ‘develop’ psychic powers. Instead, all of these powers are already there within you. Some believe that many thousands of years ago, people did indeed have the type of enhanced mind power we’re talking about, but in the ensuing years it’s been ignored, repressed, and ‘locked away’ where it can’t be accessed in our minds. In fact, when we speak of developing mindpower, it might be more accurate to talk about unleashing these powers which lie inside all of us and allowing us to use our full mental potential.

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