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You may not have known this, but your mind is just like a magnet. When your mind sees or thinks something it will start to attract that thing. This is due to something called the law of attraction, that works based on mind power. Think of it as a new project that needs to be completed, except this time you’re going to be changing your life. Just remember to do it in a positive manner and keep the negative thoughts from surfacing in you mind.

Keep in mind this is going to take some practice, but we’ll explain that in a little bit.

Every one of us is born with this mind power, but most of us don’t believe that it can actually help us or even that it exists. It’s been proven, for example, that humans only use about 10% of their current brain capacity for power; now, think about that for a second. That’s crazy, but it’s probably true. Most of us just stick with the ‘tried-and-true,’ and never try to break out or our comfort zones.

That is why we all feel that we are having so much trouble in life. We think negatively because we do not believe that what we want can happen. So we basically continue to attract nothing more than negativity.

The truth of it is that the things that we think are really happening right before our eyes.

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You could be thinking that they are not doing their job. Actually they are. They know how powerful the mind is.

They know that if they suggest that negative things could happen that you will either not take the medication or you will take it and get the side effects no matter how rare.

Some people call this the ‘Power of Suggestion.

‘ When you can combine this with the power of the subconscious mind, the results are unlimited. After all, if it works in clinical trials, why can’t it work for you? This can be an effective means of communicating with your subconscious and unlocking its true potential.

Subconscious Mind Power
Psychokinetic abilities also exist in areas that are beyond the scientific study and researching boundary.

In this light mention may be made of the great mountain range of Himalayas that stands as the symbol of positive energy and spirituality of the ancient East.

Stretching from India through Nepal into Tibet, it is a vast place where sadhus and monks reside, renouncing everything and giving up their entire lives towards realizing the full potential of their minds. If you want to witness individuals performing psychokinetic powers openly, then you must visit India to witness the world famous Hindu pilgrimage Kumbh Mela (once a year), Ardha Kumbh Mela (Once in 6 years) and Purna Kumbh Mela (Once in 12 years) where the sadhus come down to take a holy dip in the river Ganges.

And that opens up doors.

Learning how to use the power of your mind can change your life, by giving you focus, by making a lot of your goals attainable.

It’s better to keep your mind open to opportunities, to let the Law of Attraction work for you, than to let negative impressions derail your life. So where does it all start? How about figuring out where you want to go. If you want to use the power of the mind to accomplish something, it’s best to have a specific goal; for example, if you’d like to become wealthy, set your mind on a specific amount instead of being well off in general. The direction in which we channelize our thoughts must be unidirectional and must not go hay ho since we need to focus on our goal at all time. However it may sound easy but in reality it is quite difficult since at any given instance a series of thoughts may appear in our mind and thus will not help us in concentrating on a single thing. Of course many people already know all about their own mind power. Whenever they want anything they focus on what they want and keep working on their goal physically and mentally until they have achieved it. So the full force of mind power is directed towards the goal.

With the mind in full control these successful people are completely focussed. Eventually that goal becomes a reality and if this all seems to be too easy then that is because it is!

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