power of the subconscious

Research shows that human behaviour can be changed by tapping into the subconscious mind power using mental affirmations repeatedly.

Thus, bad habits such as drinking, smoking or even overeating can be eliminated with this technique. After affirmations, the other common method of developing ones own subconscious mind is through the technique of Post Hypnotic Suggestion. This generally requires the help from a qualified hypnotherapist but self hypnosis is also possible via usage of the various kinds of hypnosis audios that exists in the market nowadays. Binaural Beats is the third technique which uses brainwave synchronization to develop the powers of the subconscious.

In this method the individual is made to hear two slightly different sound frequencies from each ear which go onto the brain to synchronize t he left and the right hemispheres thereof.

This results in an almost instant trance like state making it possible for the subconscious to communicate with the conscious self of the individual.

Telepathy – Mind Power – Thought Transference – Mental Healing
Your perception is your truth and also the method everybody else views you.

If the employer you wish to work for sees that you don’t have faith in your capacities, they’re not very likely to take a chance. Now on the various other hand, you will have the right mindset if you accept that you are the very best at exactly what you do.

Those powers-to-be will see your self-esteem and put more faith in your work.

The mind powers you have within you can help produce a happier life in all aspects.

While positive thinking is the key, your mind powers could also form negative concerns. Whether its depression, distress, or a life loaded with tragedies, we attract scenarios in our lives just by the way we think. Simply look at the people out there who are continuously trying to drop weight.

If they do not think they can before they get started, it’s not going to occur.

This is the self-doubt that creeps in suddenly, despite the fact that it has actually constantly been there. So when these individuals drive by a fast meals restaurant it will be simpler to state; “Well, I’m not going to be able to stay on par with this anyways so I may just indulge.” Exercising is even more difficult since you don’t have the discipline that you should to stick with your program.

The phenomenon of Psychokinesis shares some common ground with the idiom ‘mind over matter’ and can even be tagged as one of the extreme forms of the above since it refers to moving matter with the power of one’s thoughts. This paranormal phenomenon was researched by parapsychologists in the 19th century in order to study the degree to which human mind was responsible for moving matter from one place to another with the power of thoughts.

At first when the reasons were attributed to ghosts and spirits it was coined Telekinesis while later on when the human mind power came into the scene it was coined psychokinesis. Two types of psychokinetic phenomena exist based on the measurement of the same. Micro- psychokinesis occurs when the changes or movement are minute in dimension often requiring scientific instruments to see them. Macro- psychokinesis however are larger movements that one can easily see with his naked eyes. It is said that the human mind is more powerful than anything else in the world. Thus, the power of concentration, the ability of your will power to improve you beyond the wildest dreams, focusing of your mind elsewhere to bear an unbearable pain or even using your thoughts to move physical objects come under it.

Brainwave entrainment:- This is a method of developing mindpower which uses new audio technology to attune the brainwaves to frequencies which can improve memory, stimulate the release of endorphins for pain relief and more. Some frequencies attune your mind to the trance state where it becomes easy to speak directly to the subconscious and thus increase mindpower. You can also listen to frequencies which are designed to build mindpower by stimulating the chakras the energy centers located throughout the human body.

The ‘third eye’ chakra located in the forehead is especially important, since this is the chakra which is responsible for psychic powers.

All of us already have these psychic powers; but they must be developed by enhancing your mindpower. Unless you make the effort to develop these abilities, they remain locked in your subconscious mind and are never used. Therefore, if we talk about developing our mind power, we really mean that we want to unlock all of our innate powers and fullest potential of every person.
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