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In order to examine the power of the mind we can literally set a goal in our head.

It may be a house in this case and then we should channelize all our thoughts to this goal.

We must think about it in all forms ways. We may even go to the extent of thinking about the colors that we may use on the walls and the landscape around. You need to focus everything on getting that house.

Deciding on what color paint you are going to buy. Enquire about the best deal for a mortgage even if you feel it is beyond your reach at the moment. After you’ve put your effort towards it, your dream starts coming true the house goes up for sale, you are able to secure the mortgage, your offer is accepted and everything goes fine. It’s all because you’ve been putting your thoughts and your energy into achieving your goal; this is what makes it happen for you. In a nutshell our mind is really a powerhouse that has no bound to impossible things it can do. We should not thus have any doubts to the capabilities of the human mind.

Touching on this ‘power of mind’ idea is the ‘The Secret’. Millions have bought the book, more than that have watched the movie, and by now, the Internet is flooded with people trying to get you to believe in the Law of Attraction, which is that principle laid bare. The goal behind it is to help you understand that we can all manipulate our minds into creating reality by using the power of mind.

In fact, some people have even blamed their subconscious mind on negative actions hoping it would lighten their sentences in a court room. If you’re having a hard time believing it, here is a great example of mind power at work. Many medical research performed involves the subconscious mind and the Placebo Effect. This is where you have a couple groups that are formed from volunteers that are paid for going through the experiment.

They all suffer from the same problem, but separated into 2 groups and given two different pills. One group is given the real medicine and the other is given a placebo.

The best part about it is neither group knows that one of them is getting something different. Then the medical team studies the results.

Mind Power
Scientific studies show that mental affirmations go a long way in developing subconscious mind power which in turn can change an individuals behaviour.

Hence, one can use affirmations effectively in order to get rid of bad habits such as smoking, drinking and overeating.

The second method after affirmations is that of Post Hypnotic Suggestion that is used to develop the power of ones subconscious within. A common method in such endeavors, it requires the guidance from a qualified hypnotherapist. However, self hypnosis is also possible and is usually undergone by individuals with the help of hypnosis audios. The third technique use brainwave synchronization technology as a means to develop the power of the subconscious within. Known as Binaural Beats, this involves hearing two different sound wave frequencies through each ear which goes onto the brain to synchronize and create an almost immediate meditative trance.

Having the left and the right hemispheres of the brain synchronized, it thereby makes it possible for the subconscious part to communicate with the conscious part thereof.

The might of the human mind is something that thrills the whole world still today. So much as been found out about it but we still have to know so much.

The eighties saw so many anti drug slogans and commercials and some were pretty interesting. One such slogan which said ‘The mind is a terrible thing to waste’ mainly wanted to touch the hearts of those who suffered from drug addiction.

However in present times the idea behind the slogan still finds a place.

You definitely don’t want to waste the power of mind, especially your own. You can tap into the power of your own mind to make positive changes in your life. If you believe something positive can occur, it can.

Everyone has the ability to use their mind power to achieve those things they want to achieve. You can turn your life from a series of negative experiences to a life filled with positive experiences. It may take longer that you would like but if you put positive energy into the world, it will come back as positive energy. It all starts with your own mind’s power. How powerful is yours?
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