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It’s been said that we only use about 10% of our brains’ total potential mind power. Imagine what it would be like if you could tap into the remaining 90%.

In fact, you could get absolutely incredible results.

Scientists agree that people who exhibit psychic and extra sensory abilities must be able to use these abilities due to somehow using that 90% of the human mind which usually lies idle. Some people appear to have these abilities from birth but others develop their mindpower and start using these latent talents later on in life. To conclude, one can safely say that the power of the human mind can make any impossible possible. Right from moving matter physically to attracting your desire from the universe, you can create, control and change whatever you want in your life an in this world. Infact, one can create his own destiny by using the power of thoughts, concentration faith and true belief. We’re not sure yet how it works, but there is ongoing research into how our own mind power can influence the world we live in. Studies show that our minds may be able to change the world more than the world can change our minds!

So make the decision to completely change your life by changing the way your subconscious mind contructs reality. Now say for example you want your dream home. You want it so much that it is almost an obsession. Your thoughts are filled with it all the time. Imagine yourself painting the master bedroom and landscaping the gardens. Ensure that everything you do is focussed towards getting that dream home. You may have to work a bit harder at work for example. You could even check out the rest mortgage rates even if you can’t afford it at the moment. You can even buy a few things to put inot your new home. Then, the house of your dreams hits the market. It’s for sale. And because you’ve been planning and focusing on this, you qualify for the mortgage, and the owners like what you’re planning with the home.

You close the deal and move in and everything you’d been focusing on, all that energy, has helped realize your goal. The point is you need to take control. You need to decide for yourself that having the right affirmations everyday will change your life for the better. If you can do this, you can accomplish anything. Just remember, your thoughts brought you to this article. Now that you’re here, what are you going to do next?

Can you imagine thinking you’re going to take a drug that is supposed to solve a problem and it doesn’t? It happens all the time, but most of the time it’s because your mind is telling you it won’t. This is just one example of mind over matter. This shows that mind power is very powerful! While the singular of data is not anecdote, there is some direct experience you’ve had. How many times have you woken up in the morning thinking this was going to be a bad day, or ‘one of those days’. And then had a self-fulfilling prophecy? All these are not mere happening. As a matter of the fact these incidents take place because we think too much about them in a negative way and this the mind does the trick. Quantum mechanics talks about the ‘observer effect’ and how information in the system alters the outcomes. While the link between quantum mechanics and The Secret is tenuous, the same guiding principle applies to the Law of Attraction. Your ability to observe the universe alters it.

All so called ‘paranormal’ powers such as remote viewing, telepathy and other psychic powers can be explained using quantum physics. There is nothing ‘supernatural’ about it. In a nut shell everything that we perceive through our senses does not actually exist. There is nothing solid and everything is energy flowing around us in fact is created with the power of our mind.

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As a conclusion it can be safely put across that the power of the subconscious mind is vast in scope and immense in possibilities. Apart from the mere behavioral changes in an individual, it can also be a gateway to a whole new exciting life if effectively developed. Remember when Kevin Costner started hearing voices in the Field of Dreams movie? While his family was struggling to make ends meet, these voices were saying, ‘If you build it they will come.’ You have the power to create the life you want, to change who you are, to change whatever you think is missing or inadequate into something perfect, all through the use of your subconscious mind. It’s truly a powerful and beautiful thing, and can heal, transcend current circumstances, make you feel good; or make you feel bad. This subconscious mind power, truly has the power to completely change our world if we take control of it.

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Many people think that we actually only use about 10% of our mind’s total mind power. 10%. Can you think about what it would be like if you could actually access the 90% that remains dormant? That might produce incredible results, indeed. Scientists have long thought, in fact, that those who have so-called ‘psychic’ or extrasensory powers have them because in fact they can access parts of their minds other people cannot.

They have perhaps been born with this ‘extra’ mindpower or they’ve been able to develop this power of the mind in their lives.

With the power of the human mind harnessed and developed, one can attain the impossible. They say one can achieve anything with the power of concentration, faith and true belief. So if you truly believe in the saying ‘mind over matter’ and work towards developing your mind power, then creating, controlling and changing whatever you want in your life is very much possible. It’s unclear how these psychic powers relate to our mental development, but there is plenty of work going on into finding out how these abilities are developed and how we can change the world around us with our mind power.

There have also been many studies that seem to suggest that our minds really do have the power to shape our world more than being shaped by the world around them!

So instead of letting life happen – make it happen. Instead of the direction of your life being left to chance decide which way you want your life to go and it will happen! For example say you wanted to buy your dream home.

Everything you do has to do with getting that house. It could be improving your performance at work, clocking the commute from that new house to your job, looking at paint at the local Home Depot, reading up on how to get a good mortgage. You might even start buying a few small things for that new house. By focusing on this goal and putting your mental energy towards your objective, you can make it happen don’t be too surprised when your dream home goes on the market and your offer is accepted; and you even get just the right mortgage. It is the power of the mind which has made this come about, not simply good luck. The point is you need to take control. You need to decide for yourself that having the right affirmations everyday will change your life for the better. If you can do this, you can accomplish anything.

Just remember, your thoughts brought you to this article. Now that you’re here, what are you going to do next?

It has been scientifically proved that people really can think themselves well and of course the opposite is true as people can think themselves ill. For example, how many times has your alarm gone off, or you had something happen that put you in a foul mood, and you’ve said ‘Oh, great. It’s going to be one of those days’, only to drag yourself into one bad experience after another, with each one compounding the ill will of the former? It has to do with the power of your mind when you think a day is going to be a bad (or a great one) then your subconscious has the ability to make this happen. One which is particularly intriguing is that matter exists only when there is an observer there to describe it (or rather, matter may be in one of several possible states until it is observed or all of them at once). What this means is that human beings may be able to exert much more influence on their surroundings than has been previously thought.

Scientists now belief that the theories of Quantum physics can explain the mystery behind the psychic powers like remote viewing, clairvoyance, etc.

This doesn’t negate the world as we know it; the world isn’t made up of our thoughts but how we interact with the world comes from how we think about it.

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The scope or possibilities that lie with ones subconscious part of the mind is vast and not realized by many. One should realize that not only is it an instrument for self behaviour modification but can be a path towards a wonderful and adventurous world from now on. The movie Field of Dreams had the phrase ‘If you build it, they will come’.

When it comes to the power of your subconscious mind, it’s ‘If you think it, it will happen’ Asking yourself what does the future hold is simple to answer: Whatever you want it to. See, the power to create the life of your dreams, to change the person you are, to change the way things are in your life is all in your mind. It’s truly a powerful and beautiful thing, and can heal, transcend current circumstances, make you feel good; or make you feel bad.

This subconscious mind power, truly has the power to completely change our world if we take control of it.

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Visualize changing your life. Decide what you want. Say for example you want your dream home. Now all of your thoughts, feelings and actions need to be directed towards that end. Even imagine yourself in that house painting and decorating it or landscaping the gardens. You begin putting all of your energy towards this goal, taking steps like angling for a promotion so you can make the money you need to purchase this new home, start thinking about how you’ll do the work necessary to set things up exactly the way you’d like and even researching how to get the best possible mortgage. As we get more and more obsessed with the idea, one fine morning we may find that we have reached our goal. A house is up for sell and we must now reap the benefits of the all the energies spend in this direction and thus immediately seal the deal. This is something that any of us has the ability to do. When you learn to tap into the power of the mind, you can use it to achieve nearly anything in life.

The important thing is to start small and then work your way up to ever bigger and better things until you’ve accomplished everything you want to in life.

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Even if you haven’t seen the film or read the book, it’s all but certain that you know of the book The Secret or about the law of attraction, the most important idea of the book and film. The idea is that when you focus your mind on something, it attracts it to you. You don’t even have to be expending mental energy on this goal consciously in order for this effect to work; the power of mind works anyway! Scientifically it has been proved that if we really work our mind, life will reap the fruits of betterment and prosperity. Medical science regards this as Placebo Effect and we should always remember the old saying Mind over matter. This really points out that our mind can in fact can make things happen which ultimately matters in the long run.

Telepathy – Mind Power – Thought Transference – Mental Healing
Affirmations are effective in case one is trying to make a habitual change. For example, if you are trying to stop smoking, overeating or even drinking, affirmations are the way to go. Scientific research shows that affirming yourself, either by saying it aloud or writing it down enables you to tap the power of your subconscious mind for changing your behaviour.

The second method after affirmations is that of Post Hypnotic Suggestion that is used to develop the power of ones subconscious within. A common method in such endeavors, it requires the guidance from a qualified hypnotherapist. However, self hypnosis is also possible and is usually undergone by individuals with the help of hypnosis audios. The third technique of subconscious mind power development is that of Binaural Beats which is an avenue of brainwave synchronization.

Here, two sound wave frequencies having a slight difference is heard from each ear by an individual which goes into the brain to synchronize. This in turn synchronizes the two hemispheres of the persons brain and immediately administers a deep meditative trance like state of mind enabling the conscious to communicate with the subconscious.

The power of the human mind is undisputed; it goes back to the teachings of Aristotle, and is one of the fundamental images of humanity the person with the plan solving the problem, getting play in myths from Theseus to Batman.

Your mind has lot more power than you might think; and the power of mind is indeed a terrible thing to waste. When you can access the power your mind contains, you can use it to change the world around you for the better.

If you believe something positive can occur, it can. Everyone has the ability to use their mind power to achieve those things they want to achieve. You can turn your life from a series of negative experiences to a life filled with positive experiences. It may take longer that you would like but if you put positive energy into the world, it will come back as positive energy. It all starts with your subconscious mind, and only you can harness the mind power you have. How much do you think you have?
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The mind itself is like a magnet, and what you think and see you will eventually attract. This is based upon what is called the ‘Law of Attraction,’ and your mind is an amazingly powerful instrument. When you believe something very strongly, it’s eventually going to happen. This is real mind power! If you can think and feel and believe that you will have a great life, then you will. First you must imagine it and that takes practice. But with persistence in anything you do, you can achieve success.

The mind is a remarkable thing.

Every one of us is born with this mind power, but most of us don’t believe that it can actually help us or even that it exists. It’s been proven, for example, that humans only use about 10% of their current brain capacity for power; now, think about that for a second.

That’s crazy, but it’s probably true. Most of us just stick with the ‘tried-and-true,’ and never try to break out or our comfort zones. That is why we all feel that we are having so much trouble in life. We think negatively because we do not believe that what we want can happen. So we basically continue to attract nothing more than negativity.

The truth of it is that the things that we think are really happening right before our eyes.

A doctor knows how powerful one’s mind is, and may actually think telling you will cause side effects; through the power of your subconscious mind. Therefore, a doctor may minimize these negative things, in the hopes that you won’t experience them. Suggesting them, in other words, may increase your chances of having side effects. And of course, they also want you to be compliant with taking the medication, so that’s another reason to minimize the negative effects of the drug. Subconscious mind power combined with the power of suggestion is incredibly potent! And as it works in medicine, so, too, can it work in your life to create positive change. What’s preventing you from tapping into this most amazing power? You may want to use the power of suggestion to change the way your subconscious mind ‘talks to you.’

Apart from all the above modern scientifically researched claims, one finds such people and such special abilities in the age old and remotest corners of massive mountain ranges like that of the Himalayas, stated to be powerhouse places of positive energy and spirituality.

The sadhus and monks who renounce the world and live in such mountains of India, Nepal and Tibet are said to be experts on mind powers.

Such people and their psychokinesis and other miraculous feat demonstrations can be witnessed by others during the famous Indian pilgrimage to the holy river Ganges called Kmbh Mela (once a year), Ardh Kumbh Mela (Once in six years) and the great purna Kumbh mela (once in twelve years).

Although you may not even have considered it before; learning how to use the power of your mind is vitally important to having a great life! Obviously it is better to have your assets working for you instead of working against you. Let’s take a closer look at how to use the power of your mind to achieve what you want. We must initially set a clear goal in our mind and this must be done in a categorical way. However The goal that we decide must not be contain a subject matter which is vague for example huge amount of money.

We must have the amount precisely in our mind and then channelize all our thoughts and energy to think about that fixed amount. Pull yourself away from distracting influences.

Keep that effort constant. Try to clear your mind of the usual pattern of thirty different thoughts running at once. Of course many successful people already understand how to use the power of their own mind to achieve the things they want. They are able to focus all of their thoughts and actions into achieving their goals. Just think if you could influence your mind to quit smoking, lose weight, make more money, or buy that dream home. They are all great things to think about right? Sure, but don’t let it stop with self-improvement. Obviously you’re going to have to organize your life a little, but with constant affirmation it will keep you motivated throughout the entire process.

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An estimated amount of ten percent of our mind power, is all Scientists conclude we use.

One can only imagine if we could actually access that ninety percent that we don’t currently use. Incredible results for sure! It is believed that people with extra ordinary abilities like extra sensory or psychic powers are because people learn how to access the different parts of their mind. Many believe they are born with that increased mindpower or just have managed to develop that part of the mind later in life. To conclude, one can safely say that the power of the human mind can make any impossible possible. Right from moving matter physically to attracting your desire from the universe, you can create, control and change whatever you want in your life an in this world. Infact, one can create his own destiny by using the power of thoughts, concentration faith and true belief.

The process behind increased mind power is not well understood, but quantum physics’ latest advances have begun to peel back the layers and show us the true blank between what we think and what we experience as our reality. Recently, scientific studies have begun to verify what many ancient religions have said for thousands of years. That is, your reality is simply a result of your own mind. If you change how you think, you can change what you experience as reality. And in fact, mind power itself is truly the only reality present.

Imagine completely altering your life by actively taking part in the influence your mind has on your reality. Say that you wanted a new house. You want that new house so much that it almost becomes an obsession. You think about it all the time, you have even planned the landscape and the color of the master bathroom. You need to focus everything on getting that house. Deciding on what color paint you are going to buy. Enquire about the best deal for a mortgage even if you feel it is beyond your reach at the moment. When you make this goal the target of the power of the mind, you begin to set the events in motion which lead to it coming to pass. The home will go on the market, your offer will be accepted and you’ll easily secure a great mortgage. It’s not luck that made this happen; it’s not just your hard work either the power of the mind played the starring role. The moral is that we need to set a goal in our head and thrive to attain it at all costs. Our mind power can help us to a great extent in this regard.

It really is true that people can ‘think’ themselves better. Conversely they can ‘think’ themselves ill. Now you must have experienced this yourself when you got up in the morning and convinced yourself it was going to be a bad day. Any what happened? It really was a bad day; just about everything that could go wrong did go wrong! The scientific evidence is starting to point towards the idea that there is a scientific basis for the power of the mind as well. If you or someone you know has ever studied the laws of quantum physics, you will know that there really is no such thing as ‘matter’. At subatomic levels everything is pure energy and matter only exists because we are observing it! In fact everything, even so called ‘supernatural’ powers can be explained in terms of quantum physics and the power of the mind.

Understand that your mind is what creates everything around you. In short – everything we see, hear and feel is merely a creation of our thoughts! Nothing is solid; it is all energy and this energy has been created by the power of our minds.

Hence we can conclude that the power of the subconscious mind if developed can open several doors of possibilities for you and hence should never ever be overlooked. Apart from minor changes in behaviour patter, it also has the power to miraculously change your live from ordinary to extraordinary! We all remember the movie Fields of Dreams, with the ‘If you build it they will come’ Consider your subconscious mind as your field of dreams where if you THINK it, it will come. Asking yourself ‘what will come?’ The answer is, whatever you want to come. What this means is that you can create the life of your dreams using the power of your mind. Minds can heal us, transform our views of the world, and even help us help other people. Using subconscious mind power you have the ability to focus on positive outcomes and make your mind shape reality; conversely, if you have a negative outlook, you’re going to see more negativity come down the pipeline at you.

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