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the power of your mind

Just in case you didn’t already know, your mind is like a magnet. What it thinks and sees, it will eventually attract.

There is this thing that is called the law of attraction, and it deals very strongly with mind power. The law of attraction is about believing so strongly that something will happen that it does end up happening. This means that you can have the most amazing life if you just put your mind to it. It may take time, but with practice you can have what you want.

Your mind is amazing and powerful. Most people do not realize how powerful their mind is.

According to research, people only use 10% of their actual brain power. That means 90% is going to waste! Instead of believing in our mind power, we stick with what we know and take the easy way. When we fail at something, rather than learning from it, we let it act as a negative magnet, pulling further ill will and misfortune upon us.

The things that we think happen to us because we let them.

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Developing more mind power can also be done by brainwave entrainment. This is simply brainwave synchronization that involves the use of different frequencies through audio technology. Our brains have the natural ability to do several things. One of them consists of the power to heal itself. This can be turned on even more through this type of advanced audio technology. You can also enhance your memory and bring into effect the psychic powers you have, which already exist. This is a pretty advanced procedure, but it does work. Hypnosis works to enhance mind power by relaxing and getting into your subconscious mind. Take for instance those who use hypnosis to quit smoking. What do they do? They simply go to a session, relax, and listen to someone tell them over and over again that they do not want to smoke anymore, and that they no longer have the desire, they are ready to quit, and then it happens for them. Eventually they start believing in themselves because someone else is telling them to start doing it. The difference in this case is that they can’t defend themselves when they’re hypnotized.

Through some basic steps, a process can be undertaken which develops ones subconscious and enables him to harness its powers and in the process discover the unlimited potential he has stored within. Some of these processes are enumerated below. The simplest and the most basic method to do this is via affirmation. The term affirmation refers to repeatedly telling or reminding oneself about something positive in order to achieve this desired result. Lets assume you have a task to finish which you particularly do not want to. You perceive the job to be boorish and thus feel a sense of deep tiredness come over you when you are about to do the said job.

This is nothing but a simple stress response which is being generated because you perceive the task to be boorish.

Techniques such as affirmations go a long way in overcoming these conditions. A good way of doing this is to repeatedly remind yourself of all the benefits that lie ahead of you after the task is completed. You can also trying standing in front of the mirror and telling yourself that you are the perfect person to do this task who has the capability to do it perfectly.

Using your mind powers, you have the ability to have anything in life that you want. The mind is a free of cost resource and it is endless, all you have to do is utilize it. There are 2 sorts of individuals in the world: negative and positive. The negative person always anticipates the worse thing to take place, and since they think like this, the worse thing normally happens. The positive person sees things in a much better light and anticipates a better outcome, which at some point occurs. A wonderful instance of this is if you want a a new job that pays a great deal more money. Just using your mind powers it could come true.

However, if you are defeated and negative in your thinking right from the beginning, the worst will usually emerge. This is since you allow your mind to fill up with doubts. The trouble is negative ideas manifest into negative actions, which can play a significant function in your daily life.

If you do not learn how to modify your situations you will remain in this mode the rest of your life.

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power of your subconscious mind

powers of the human mind
The mind is the most powerful force in creation and you should not underestimate the power of your own subconscious mind.

Remember that no matter what a person says or does all action originates in the mind.

In some instances, the actions of the mind are manifested on a conscious level.

When you watch TV and you surf the channels, have you ever thought what actually happens? The thought is generated in your mind first and then you act on it.

You might argue that there are many instances where you have just picked up the remote and changed the channel without thinking, but it merely goes on to mean that the thought was generated in your subconscious mind. If you come to think of it, something on the TV must have been to your dislike which triggered this subconscious thought. E.g.

it might have been a commercial of a product which you do not particularly like. Thus, our subconscious mind has an enormous impact on how we act.

This is exactly why you should train your subconscious mind because this is what will lead you to improve the quality of your life, beyond what you could ever have imagined possible.

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While you can think about it all you want, there are several different ways to break the outer shell of the subconscious mind. The first thing we would like to see you do is close your eyes. Visualize just one thing that you want and picture the way your life would be if you had it.

Another way to use your subconscious mind to change your reality is to actually find or create a physical picture.

Let’s say, for example, that you want a specific kind of new car. Find a picture of that car in a magazine, or better yet, have a friend take a picture of you standing by that car. Hang that picture up where you can see it every day. The more you see it, the more you will imprint that vision of yourself with the car you want in your subconscious mind. And because your subconscious mind is so powerful, it will eventually make that become a reality. This has been common knowledge for years, but we’re just now starting to put it into action.

Well, some of us anyways, others have already utilized their secret potential hidden within the subconscious mind.

Visualizing what you want also has a positive effect to your life. The more you can visualize what you want, the more likely it will happen.

Can you imagine getting everything in your dreams? Visualize it consistently and eventually you will have it. You can even visualize yourself using some of your other latent mental abilities.

For example, visualize yourself communication with someone else telepathically or being able to use remote viewing.

Using your mindpower in this way will help these natural psychic abilities to develop. Hypnosis:- Hypnosis is another well known way of communicating with your subconscious mind and helping to develop mindpower.

If you visit a professional hypnotist or hypnotherapist they will start by making sure you are totally relaxed and then offer suggestions to your subconscious mind which it will remember when you wake up. You can also use self hypnosis by listening to a recording of a hypnotherapy session. Not only s this less costly than seeing a hypnotherapist, but you can use this recording over and over again as needed.

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Brainwave entrainment:- Brainwave entrainment uses new breakthroughs in audio technology. Certain frequencies attune your brainwaves resulting in many different benefits such as pain relief and improved memory. Different frequencies may help you to get into a state of meditation. Once in a sate of meditation you can very quickly communicate with your subconscious mind, to develop your mindpower.

Still other frequencies can be created that will stimulate parts of your body known as the ‘chakra energy centers.’ A chakra in the center of your forehead, for example, is called the ‘third eye chakra.

‘ This chakra is responsible for psychic powers. Each and every one of us has psychic abilities naturally. These abilities normally stay in the subconscious mind and are not used. However, with the right techniques, your mindpower can be developed to the point where these latent abilities come to the surface and can be used. Since these powers are innate in all of us, mindpower is not developed so much as it is unlocked and allowed to take its rightful place in our lives. There are great things which we can do -as long as we can tap into the 90% of our minds which normally go unused.

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how to use the subconscious mind
If you ask me what is the most powerful creation on earth, my answer would be simply one the human mind. Our minds are where all our thoughts and actions originate and hence should never be underestimated. It is the source point of whatever we say or do and in most cases, the actions of the mind are what gets manifested in the conscious level. When you watch TV and you surf the channels, have you ever thought what actually happens? The thought is generated in your mind first and then you act on it. You might argue that there are many instances where you have just picked up the remote and changed the channel without thinking, but it merely goes on to mean that the thought was generated in your subconscious mind. What might have happened was perhaps a commercial for a product you dont like appeared on the screen and that subconsciously caused a resultant reaction to change the channel. Hence, you can now see what enormous impact the subconscious mind can have on our outward actions. It can also be concluded that this is precisely why the power of the subconscious mind should be trained for proper utilization. Once an individual can do this, he can vastly improve the quality of his life in a wholesome manner, beyond the levels he had ever imagined.

powers of subconscious mind
When you’re ready to start training your subconscious mind, first close your eyes and picture whatever it is you desire. You can make the visualization any way you want as long as it’s a positive outlook. Another way, and this is often used in conjunction with the first technique, is to create a physical picture.

Let’s say that what you want is a new car, find a picture of the car you want better yet, go get a picture taken of you with the car. Put it where you can’t miss it and look at it every day. Focus on it, and then relax. You’ll find that your subconscious mind will focus your efforts on getting the car. People have known about the power of the subconscious mind for many years, and many have used it to their benefit. Only recently, though, has science begun to understand how very real this process is.

Visualization:- Visualization is another effective method of developing mindpower.

You just need to close your eyes and start to see the results you want to achieve.

Your subconscious mind will pick up on these images and begin to start making them a reality. Whatever you want, you can visualize it and your subconscious can begin to set events in motion to make it happen. Anything you focus your visualizations on will become a reality. You can use visualization to help you develop some of the psychic abilities which are naturally present in every human being. You can visualize yourself predicting the future or communicating via telepathy. If you keep practicing, visualization can bring these latent abilities to the surface and increase your mindpower even further. Hypnosis:- Hypnosis well known for increasing mindpower, since it allows direct communication with the subconscious mind. You can see a professional hypnotist to be placed into a trance while they give mindpower-boosting suggestions to your subconscious mind. You can also try self hypnosis by listening to a recording of a hypnotherapists session. The advantages of doing self hypnosis is that it’s cheaper, and you can repeat the sessions by rewinding the recording and doing it again. The more you do it the more effective it could become.

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Brainwave entrainment:- This is a method of developing mindpower which uses new audio technology to attune the brainwaves to frequencies which can improve memory, stimulate the release of endorphins for pain relief and more. There are frequencies which help your mind to reach the meditative state needed to communicate with your subconscious and develop your mindpower. Other frequencies can stimulate the parts of your body known as the chakra energy centers. There is a chakra in the center of your forehead called the third eye chakra which is responsible for psychic powers.

It should be noted, however, that you don’t actually need to develop these powers.

You have them already.

Some think that many thousands of years ago, humans had the ability to use enhanced mind power very easily, but that it’s become repressed as a skill in the centuries since. In fact, when we speak of developing mindpower, it might be more accurate to talk about unleashing these powers which lie inside all of us and allowing us to use our full mental potential.

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Claimants to psychokinesis are countless in number but some names are worthy of mention. Of all such names, mention must be made of a few including the author of the 1972 novel Cyborg named Martin Caidin who could initiate movements in energy wheels that were placed in one or multiple table tops.

Uri Geller, an Israeli was also known for the spoon bending tactics he performed. Again, a Soviet psychic named Nina Kulagina made several short films which showed her demonstrating such abilities. Felicia Parise one again is another celebrity who had psychokinesis abilities.

It came to her spontaneously at first but she focused and concentrated intensely to develop the power she had being inspired from the Nina Kulagina films. An American laboratory technician by profession, later on she was able to move compass needles, pill containers and aluminum foil at will.

The tabloid National Enquirer also called her the First American to move matter with mind. She retired from psychokinesis performance after reported stress on her body after such sessions.

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Coming down to the most spiritually advanced place in the world, the great mountain range of the Himalayas in India, Nepal and Tibet, one can say that this vast place radiates with positive energy and hence is called the seat of spirituality in the ancient East. Sadhus and monks who renounce everything that is worldly reside here in the nooks and corners spending their lives in harnessing the powers of the mind and being experts at it.

Demonstration of psychokinesis by powerful individuals can be seen openly if you visit India during the time of their holy pilgrimage called the Kumbh Mela (Annually), Ardha Kumbh Mela (once in 6 year) or Purna Kumbh Mela (Once in 12 years).

It is when all the great sadhus come down from the mountains to take a dip into the waters of the holy river Ganges.

The book named The Secret and the movie based on the same received overwhelming response from all who read the book or saw the movie in the theatres. The central theme of the movie or the book is ‘The Laws of Attraction’ and the theme in fact concerns mainly with the thoughts that change lives. It is the thoughts of the individual that is important. The Laws of Attraction enlightens us on the fact that we achieve all that we think.

Whatever you think about in your attitudes will manifest itself in your life, and that includes what happens when you aren’t paying attention to your attitude, too. It works whether you want it to or not. As an example, take the placebo effect people who are receiving a placebo in clinical trials of medications often experience the effects caused by the actual medication since they believe that they are receiving the medication.

You could quickly use your mind powers to alter your life and have every little thing you have actually ever dreamed of.

The only disadvantage is that you need to couple the power of your mind with the physical action required to make things occur.

When your mind starts to question that benefits will happen, remind yourself of all the times that you triumphed.

Think of all of the accomplishments you have accomplished in your life thus far. Remember the attitude that got you there.

Do you comprehend that every little thing in your life revolves around your mind powers? Take for instance the married couple who both work and one gets back upset. They are already angry and one little spark can ignite an argument between the two of them. What you will find is the result has actually already been figured out by your mind powers.

Then again, if they are positive you will see positive outcome in the chat. If by chance you hate rainy days, the probability is you will be depressed if you look outside and it is raining. This will have an impact on your entire day.

Nevertheless, if you could identify the tricks to establishing brand-new thoughts, you will have a more positive outlook on the day and your life. In the end, all of us have negative thinking patterns, but fortunate for us the mind is a simple thing to change.


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